Wheel Lift Towing

What’s worse than a breakdown? Getting your car damaged while being towed!

The solution to car troubles can easily be solved by a towing company. When you encounter an unfortunate incident that causes your car to be stuck, our instincts always tell us to call the nearest tow truck company. They have the power and the resources to pull you out of the middle of the road and get you to safety.

But you should not settle for just any tow truck; you deserve to be served like a king in his chariot!

Big Wave Towing will treat you like royalty. We have friendly customer service representatives who are trained to turn negative into positive.

We hustle through your hassle with our knowledge and skill on auto towing and more! Gain peace of mind from stressful times by having a towing professional by your side.

Recovery Via Wheel Lift

With all the advances in the towing industry, it may be hard to keep up. But wheel lift towing is a name that will never escape any towing company’s list. These types of trucks have been set in stone as a go-to towing service. It is known to be an efficient, secure, and affordable towing option.

Huntington Beach Wheel Lift Towing

A Safe System for Your Car

Wheel lift towing is a tried and tested method that a lot of car owners ask for. The tow truck pulls the vehicle while it holds up either the front wheels or the rear wheels. A metal yoke is attached to the back of the towing vehicle, and a hydraulic lift hoists two wheels up, while the other two touch the ground.

Here are factors that make wheel lift trucks ideal for the job:

  • Two-wheel drive vehicles
  • Narrow and tight spaces
  • Congested roads
  • Low-clearance areas
  • Short-distance towing
  • Undamaged cars

If you are stuck anywhere on the roads of Huntington Beach, see if your car troubles warrant a wheel lift towing and do not think twice in reaching out!

On the other hand, when you aren’t sure if wheel towing is suitable for your vehicle, do not worry! We can advise you on the best solution for your situation. All you have to do is call 714-613-8360 and ask for our services. Once we have your information, we are good to go and ready to dispatch a truck your way!

Work with Us for a Safe Auto Towing

Big Wave Tow Truck knows what works for your car. Strategic planning and careful execution are a cinch for our tow truck drivers and experts. We keep you on top of mind, and we know how important your investment is. You do not have to worry about further damage to your car in transit. We keep it from harm’s way with our meticulous process and strict protocols designed for your car’s protection.

Our tow truck drivers will maneuver with maximum caution so your car will arrive at the destination without more damage than it already has. Our trucks, equipment, and other materials needed to complete the job always go through a routine quality check. We take safety seriously. If you do too, always choose Big Wave Towing!

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