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Even the brightest and most vibrant places need a reliable towing company. Huntington Beach is home to surf, sand, and sea. Every corner is brimming with fun activities, and it’ll be a bummer spending a day in the area, stuck in the road with an unmoving car. If you are always in motion, going for one attraction to another, you cannot afford to waste time waiting on the curb! Save your time for more meaningful things by hiring a tow truck company with fast response time and swift tow services. 

Disney Circle, Huntington Beach, is home to Big Wave Tow Truck. Named as one of the best cities to live in Orange County, our company wants to be vivid proof of the area’s reputation. We go out of our way to send professional mechanical help to anyone who needs it.

Our services are always available for anyone in Huntington Beach and its surrounding areas. Even if you have gone across town, we have made it convenient for you to call us even beyond the borders of Huntington. To know more about the other areas we serve, reach us through 714-613-8360, and ask our customer service representatives. 


Catch The Big Wave

The place is a magnet for tourists as the coastline is the perfect venue for fun surf-breaks and laid-back family vacations. Don’t let car troubles stop you from having a blast! Look for a towing and roadside assistance provider to ensure your safety and protection on the road. Well, you can stop your search because Big Wave commits to doing just that! Residents and visitors alike should save our contact numbers in their phones only in case you might need our aid. We are here to steer you in the right direction.

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Why Choose Big Wave Tow Truck Company?


It’s either you are looking for a tow company to trust, or you are probably in need of one as of reading this. You can count on our local team to be consistent proponents of quality towing and road safety. We stop at nothing to give you the help you deserve. Constant measures are always ongoing to improve and expand our services, which will benefit our customers.  

  • Staff and truck driver training.
  • Continuous development of road safety management protocols
  • Friendly, polite and fast-responding customer service representatives
  • Quality control on equipment, tools and tow trucks

Explore Our Array of Towing Services

Our professional service is the most exceptional choice for either a quick tow or more heavy-duty towing.

  • Always available
  • Offers a wide range of services
  • Provides high-quality equipment
    Guarantees affordable towing

Different situations and countless experiences have put our services to the test. We can proudly claim that our tow company has stood the test of time. Our team has overcome every obstacle so it could ceaselessly stand loud and proud in serving the Huntington Beach area. 

Not Your Average Towing Service

Our stand-out services are for all. They are made available for everyone at any given time. 24 7 towing should be at the top of your list should you decide on a towing company. Emergencies can sneak up when you least expect it. Yes, even at 4 in the morning when you are heading early across town for a road trip. Even when you’ve just driven around the corner, you might run over a ditch or run off-gas. No one can predict where disaster would strike, so stay on the safe side by trusting a tow truck company that can do the job in the best way possible. 

Excellent services will mean a lot when you are already stuck on the road when you are supposed to be by the shore! Big Wave Tow Truck is at your disposal if you want to speed things up and get your car moving in no time.

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Let the pros handle it

If there’s one thing we have exhausted our energy and resources on. With our pool of experts, we structured our services with the customer on the top of our minds. The most stressful thing about ending up in a sticky situation in the middle of your journey is not having someone to trust with your car.

Cars are investments that can be treasured by generations. Sometimes its value cannot be measured by the horsepower it carries or the brand it comes in. Its actual cost comes from the memories made, the miles it went through, the journey, and the destinations, which are all priceless.

You and your vehicle deserve a towing company that understands its real worth. Big Wave will treat your vehicle as if it was our own. Every step is taken with great care and professionalism. We won’t leave your side unless you are content and satisfied with the position and condition of your car. The result lies significantly in how a crisis is managed, and our team knows chaos all too well. They handle it with expertise, skill, intelligence, and above all, care for the customer.


What We DO

In case you need a truck to get your vehicle from one point to another, we have varied types of trucks to cater to unique situations. Choose from our towing services which include:

  1. Car towing
  2. SUV Towing
  3. Flatbed Towing
  4. Wheel Lift Towing

For roadside assistance which might not require a tow truck, our other services include:

  • Removal of Unauthorized Vehicles
  • Flat Tire Help

Not sure which tow service will fit the situation-at-hand? Tell us all about it, and we will dispatch a truck with a driver, or a roadside specialist who will provide and target all your specific needs.

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Make the right choice. Choose Big Wave Tow Truck!

As our name suggests, our company’s promise is to make big waves in the industry… and it is not because we are situated near the coastline. It will be because of our spectacular services that will leave a lasting impression on every client we work with. Every project is aimed to make an impact. An impact that shouts, “you and your vehicle will never be left alone on the road.” This message gives anyone availing of our services the certainty that they can put their trust in us. Towing cars is our forte, and leaving car owners with peace of mind is our end-goal for every job. It is never just about the business, or the money – it is about our commitment and dedication to sharing our knowledge and expertise about towing. 

Our Tow Truck Prices

Give us a call at 714-613-8360 to know how much it would cost to hire top-notch towing services. You will be surprised to know how affordable our  rates are. 

Ask for an obligation-free tow truck cost. Get an idea of how our cheap assistance could benefit you… and your budget, of course! Diverse needs will require different tow truck prices. Do not hesitate to tell us all about your preferences so that we can crunch those numbers and lay down an amount that will work for both sides. 

Prices are fair to make room for other expenses that might come with your car trouble. When a faulty engine creeps up from behind, it might prompt an unwanted dent in your budget. We won’t burden you further with exceptionally high rates. We prefer to shower you with exceptional services instead!

Tried and Tested Tow Trucks to the Rescue!

Towing is the last kind of service you’d want to employ. Few things ever stem well from needing a roadside assistance, but when the time comes that you need it, you would want the best for your vehicle. The first step to recovery is searching for the nearest tow truck, which can haul your car. The wheels to drive your vehicle from one place to another should be of excellent quality. Our vehicles are regularly maintained. Their pristine and high-performing condition is always ready for action. Crash-tested and custom-built lorries will be able to transport your car fast without inflicting any damage. 

Top Rated Towing Services in Huntington Beach

Our cheap tow trucks and auto towing experts will give you all the help you need, how you would want it. Part of our promise is to offer our customers 100% satisfaction. We make sure that your preferences are heard and their requests were taken care of. Transparency towards our clients, in terms of the prices and the process, will make them put their confidence in us more. Cooperation is vital, and we take it seriously!

We can blab about our excellent services, but our ratings will reflect it! All the positive testimonials from our previous customers are enough evidence that we put customer service at the top of our list.

It always about how we were able to turn their day around, just by how we handled their tow. From the beginning until the very end, we will hold your hand throughout the ordeal. You can count on our 24-hour towing squad to make you feel that your vehicle is in safe hands. 714-464-7485

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