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Catch a wave – The Big Wave!

When you feel like you are drowning in a sea of cars, always remember that you have us to help you trudge through your troubles. We made our tow truck service list as long as possible to cater to a wide range of situations and vehicles in Huntington Beach. Different types of car troubles follow different kinds of procedures. We know the process that works best for your car’s condition. Trucks, tools, and a ton of decisions have to be made so you can get off the road.

Our Partners

We are a freight matching service with 300,000 unique loads posted daily.

Flatbed Towing

Our tow truck service boasts the safest and most efficient method to haul your car from the road to wherever it needs to be. Our flatbed towing services are geared towards maximum protection and agility.

Flat Tire Help

Do not have a spare? Do not know how to change a flat tire? We don’t judge! We just help! Sending you our experts to get your wheels turning again in the shortest amount of time possible

SUV Towing

Sometimes, the cookie-cutter method does not work out for your tough vehicle. We have specialized truck towing for your specific cars — four-wheel drives, jeeps, off-roads. Heavy duty tow trucks are at your service!

Removal of Unauthorized Vehicles

We have developed a system that would get nuisance and neglected cars from properties. Say goodbye to abandoned cars!

Know more about what we offer! Remember, our local tow truck company is at your disposal.

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